Build cloud-centric ops that are prepared to strategically address ever-evolving security and compliance considerations. 

Regulations can change overnight. New security threats crop up. Make sure your team has a robust plan to help them maintain compliance through every challenge. Give yourself the advantage with Cloud49’s cloud transformation tools and risk assessments. We’ll help your team streamline its operations, maintain compliance and identify how to best meet your business requirements so you maintain the right operating model and talent to enjoy cloud excellence. 

Cloud49 Operational & Compliance Services: 

  • Security & Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • System Compliance Regulations & Requirements Assessment
  • Cloud Billing Optimization & Automation
  • Patch Compliance Lifecycle 



See how public sector organizations put cloud to work to tackle their biggest challenges. Get a glimpse of the strategy and approach, the results generated, and the lessons learned.

  • How do you create a cloud-first organizational culture? 
  • Are your cloud environments adequately secure and compliant? 
  • Are your compliance regulations and requirements up to date?
  • Are your organizational capabilities and skills aligned to support a cloud-first strategy? 

Stay compliant and secure while migrating to cloud. We'll help you make a plan for transformation.