August 23, 2019

Just Chunk “IT”

By Kyle Pribilski, Chief Revenue Officer – Cloud49

I’m often called into client meetings to talk about cloud projects that are failing or have failed.  During these discussions I have discovered some key takeaways from listening to Public Sector clients tell me their stories.  I want to share some of the takeaways and learnings that I have gained over the past 15+ years. 

Managing the complexity of a cloud transformation isn’t easy especially in the public sector market.  The headwinds of change surround everything cloud. Whether you’re trying to navigate the budget process, manage governance and compliance, hire the right cloud architects or engineers in ridiculously competitive environments, assess native tools, do you build with a providers OS or bring your own, how do you manage the build and deployment, do you employ containers and Kubernetes, what is your real ongoing cost and can your business and IT align around a completely different model. This very brief list provides just a glimpse into some of the decisions that I know you are making everyday.

The truth is there is a tepid rate of cloud adoption across public sector which speaks to the challenges of cloud transformation. The opportunity for public sector organizations to step up and be willing to capitalize on this opportunity within their communities is still game changing.  It’s not necessary to be an early adopter to be a successful leader in cloud.  One of the first things that is important to focus on is how to identify and manage the complexity of your cloud project so you can properly isolate failures before they happen.  To do this, I have created a campaign based approach that focuses intensely on a few key variables.  First, it’s important to look at aligning each campaign to your budget cycle, this helps to identify and mitigate the political pressures that all public sector entities face in their day to day technology operations.  Second, look at the technology stack starting at the OS layer where cloud readiness truly occurs. Don’t over complicate what it means to be “cloud ready”.  It’s also important to look at the tools you currently use and then assess the application requirements with a focus on how those will run in a hosted cloud environment.  The OS, middleware, latency, network, effects of noisy neighbors and other factors are all critical, but most important is the ability to assess the security posture of the workload. There is a staggering piece of data I saw recently that north of 85% of cloud builds contain at least one serious security flaw.  The truth of the matter is, making a mistake in your cloud build and you could see your agency and your State make national news.  This is never a good move for anyone’s career.

I have made this approach the core of how Cloud49 helps solve these challenges by breaking your projects and related builds into “Campaigns”. This allows C49 to “Chunk IT”.  The most important criteria for success in Cloud Transformation initiatives is steady progress measured against identified milestones and executed in manageable chunks that allows for testing and inspection.  We don’t ever try to bite off more than is necessary to deliver on time and most importantly on budget. Keeping the chunks small allows C49 to use the best solutions to deliver a state of application currency that will easily keep you on the cutting edge as you move forward into the next evolution of stakeholder service delivery powered by Cloud.  To keep it simple, this is one way that C49 helps you Put Cloud to Work.

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